The Journey by Artist: Chartchai Puipia

The Journey by Artist: Chartchai Puipia


21 Day Online Meditation Retreats, Guided & Supported

Listen to a 30 minute recorded audio file daily for 21 days including guided quiet time, two personal support sessions via phone/skype/in person, daily notes and inspiration, and unlimited email access throughout the 21 days. 

 Each 21 day meditation series is designed to give you the tools to move you along a new life path.  if you have tried meditation and found that sitting is hard and your mind won't stop, that is okay.  If you have thought, "I am not doing it right.  Nothing works.  I can't get this.  I give up,"  it is okay.  With the right guidance and support you can learn to sit, slow down and connect within.  These daily meditations will give you a retreat from your unconscious, reactive, negative thoughts that hold you back and keep you from moving forward. 


21 Day Meditations - Choose Your Program

These 21 day meditation series are each unique and intended to help you meditate and change your your life.   Connect within to source your innate wisdom that will inspire awareness and shifts to help you create a healthier, greater sense of self.  Enjoy more happiness, success and love in your days and life.  Please contact me for additional information or with any questions.

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